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KUMD Album Reviews: Yeasayer

I've never heard Yeasayer in my whole life but apparently they are quite popular and successful psychedelic pop rockers, having toured with MGMT and supported with Beck. I would describe the sound as like combining Gorillaz and Grizzly Bear with lyrics and vocals by MGMT.By Basement DJ: Andrew Leider

Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton, and Anand Wilder are the leaders of the band's special sound, bringing great tunes like "Sunrise/2080," "Ambling Alp," "Madder Red," and "O.N.E." and have just released two more catchy and well-composed singles "Henrietta" and "Longevity" off their new album Fragrant World, released August 20th. But other than these singles, it's hard to find those catchy tracks like in previous albums. "Damaged Goods" and "Glass of the Microscope" have a functional and interesting melody, but songs like "Fingers Never Bleed," "Blue Paper," and "Demon Road" almost sound like an awkward attempt at grasping attention with lazy rhythms and upsetting lyrics. "Demon Road" sounds more like a jingle to a motorcycle commercial. I am not claiming Fragrant World is a bad album however. At least the lyrics are memorable, like in Longevity's chorus that "All the rain promises is to give life to the seeds/ Sea, live in the moment, never count on longevity, please," which certainly reveals their psychedelic, deeper side of song-writing. Therefore, my wish is to be able to intently and comfortably listen to Fragrant World, in keeping with this idea, with more time (like many long-time listeners have). I guess Yeasayer is just an acquired taste.

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Recommended Tracks: "Longevity," "Henrietta," "Glass of the Microscope"