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KUMD Album Reviews: Poolside

Poolside's style of "daytime disco" electronica music is ultimately received as classy and refreshing. Every aspect appears simple, from the basic, catchy rhythms to the honest and easy-going lyrics, which somehow drag the listener into a feeling of luxurious comfort.By Basement DJ: Andrew Leider

For example, I have imagined myself going for a sunny drive in my convertible Jaguar XK listening to "Take Me Home" or sipping on a glass of cognac in a lawn chair out on my mansion's patio while listening to "Next To You." But I digress. Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise, both with years of multi-genre music experience under their belt, have united and invented an electronic sound that has more emotion than most. Even the cover of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" adds to this statement. The single "Do You Believe" (debuted way back in 2010) has very simple, yet love-laden, lyrics that repeat: "Do you believe we have what it takes? / Do you believe, do you believe? / Do you believe we have what it takes? / Do you believe our love is true?" but the entire arrangement is a salsa-like disco song. Pacific Standard Time is full of interesting dance rhythms accompanying charming lyrics like this, so how does it not fit in with dance parties? And how fitting that the band is based in Los Angeles! Poolside has been working hard on this debut LP with notable success from independent music critics and earlier listeners alike.

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Recommended Tracks: "Do You Believe," "Next To You," "Harvest Moon"