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KUMD Album Reviews: Stepdad

The "8-bit power pop" band, Stepdad, is back with their second album, Wildlife Pop, which sequels their EP, Ordinaire, from only two years earlier. Response to this first release was quite positive, and the song "My Leather, My Fur, My Nails" was carried over to this current release.By Basement DJ: Andrew Leider

In 2010, this loopy, ambiguous song was the #7 in Pop Sucker's top 100 songs. Among the rest of the album, however, is a variety of tracks that follow the same electronic pop style, but with some new synthy twists and energetic beats. The energy of each song is articulated through the treble-based drumming that's mixed with the lively, spirited vocals of ultramark and Ryan McCarthy, and of course, their erratic yet catchy electronic loops. This, combined with their thought-provoking lyrics, makes me believe Stepdad provides music intended for listeners to dance while simultaneously thinking deeply about life. In this respect, Stepdad is music for anyone, since one either tends to be a dancer, a listener, or both.

Recommended Tracks: "Show Me Your Blood," "My Leather, My Fur, My Nails," "Pick & Choose," "Treasure Hugs"

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