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KUMD Album Reviews: Beach House

The reliable band, Beach House, which comprises of French-born Victoria Legrand and Baltimore-native Alex Scally, has created Bloom, yet another dream-pop album. Since its release on May 15th, it has quickly made an impact on new and old listeners evidenced by reaching number 7 on the Billboard 200. By Basement DJ: Andrew Leider

It is a simple album, but 'simple' refers to every word uttered, every beat stricken, and every electronic hum droned, which together pulls us into a place of examination and thought; simple in that sense. Every track has a soft intensity and each attempts to offer heedful words and express its philosophical connotations. The single "Myth" suggests a break-up has occurred that caused a lot of animosity or mixed feelings, as in "can't keep hanging on/ to all that's dead and gone/ if you build yourself a myth/ know just what to give." "On the Sea" almost hints at death, "would you rather go unwilling/ the heart is full and now it's spilling/ barreling down the steps/ only a moment left." As stated before, it's not only the lyrics that portray the message, but the simple spirit and moderation of every beat that truly expresses the true message. As their fourth album, Beach House has succeeded at making an essentially flawless album complete with uniquely individual tracks.

Recommended Tracks: "Myth," "Lazuli," "Troublemaker," "New Year"