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KUMD Album Reviews: S.C.U.M

London's S.C.U.M is part post-punk and part shoegaze, but don't dismiss them as another Joy Division knock-off ? la The Editors and Interpol. Their distinguishing features include the sermonic delivery of vocalist Thomas Cohen and the prominent, ethereal textures of the keyboards lending each song on their debut LP Again Into Eyes a memorable hymnic quality. By Basement DJ: The Doctor

Some of the finest moments of the album are the menacing riffs of "Summon the Sound", the choral swell of the keys during "Amber Hands", and the delicate piano playing throughout "Paris". For fans of the genre, Again Into Eyes is easy to get into, but even listeners looking for something a little different may find something to like about it. The only thing difficult about S.C.U.M is finding a polite way to say their name.

Recommended if you like: The Horrors, A Place to Bury Strangers, My Bloody Valentine

Focus tracks: "Amber Hands", "White Chapel", "Faith Unfolds"