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KUMD Album Review: Bardo Pond - <i>Bardo Pond</i>

Heralded as one of the primary space-rock outfits of the nineties, Bardo Pond soars into the current era via their latest self-titled LP leaving behind a distinguished cloud of smoke. Even without an album title referring to an obscure psychedelic, it's still clear where else Bardo Pond continues to draw inspiration from: free jazz, no-wave, and other avant-leaning genres in addition to elements of blues and simple, crunchy riffsBy Basement Dj: The Doctor

The new LP covers nearly every aspect of Bardo Pond's expansive sound (dating back almost twenty years); there are shoegaze mood-pieces ("Sleeping"), jazz-influenced post-rock cuts ("Undone"), stoner metal dirges ("Cracker Wrist") all supplemented with vocalist/flautist Isobel Sollenberger's haunting accompaniment and plenty of free-form extravagance to satisfy musicians. As the title suggests, this is 100% Bardo Pond.
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