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Album Review: Sleeping in the Aviary - <em>Great Vacation!</em>

Sleeping in the Aviary's previous two albums covered a lot of ground, musically, their debut, Oh, This Old Thing?, was fueled by ultra-catchy pop songs bordering Buzzcocks territory while their sophmore release, Expensive Vomit in a Cheap Hotel, toned things down tempo-wise and showed the more lo-fi, folkier side of the band. Where the Minneapolis-based band's third album would take them was anybody's guess. Thankfully, the common denominators that made the first two records so great are present on Great Vacation!: restless, playful jams with impeccable listenability, quirky lyrics that sound simultaneously ironic and sincere, and kick-ass cover art illustrated by principal song writer/guitarist Elliott Kozel. Great Vacation!, as the name may suggest, shows off the warmest and most colorful sides of Sleeping in the Aviary throughout the entire album - even on the tracks with the bleakest subject matter ("Maria's Ghost" and "The Very Next Day I Died"). The album flows flawlessly from raucous guitar pop to piano and accordion driven tunes to acoustic, sing-a-long folk tracks with a few gargling harmonies thrown in along the way. Consistently entertaining and creative, Great Vacation! will make you a slave to the repeat button for weeks. Sleeping in the Aviary's album release party will be taking place at the Kitty Cat Klub in Dinkytown on December 4th.

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Focus tracks: "Axes Ground Looth Tooth," "You Don't Have to Drive," "Maria's Ghost"