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Phenology with local naturalist Larry Weber every Friday morning at 8:20 on Northland Morning.

Backyard Almanac: The End of Two Springs

A green field clustered with purple lupine flowers at sunset
Aubree Herrick [Via Unsplash, Commercial Use Allowed]

Larry Weber notes that with the summer solstice comes nearly 16 hours of daylight for the Northland – and an end to the spring calendar. It is also the end of “phenological” spring as the forest flowers have given way to blossoming open spaces. Passing by pasture and prairie now provides a view of lupine, yarrow, and many other colorful flowers in bloom.

Overhead you are likely to find that the cacophony of bird songs will now include plenty of chirping. Most birds are settled, nested, and busy hatching their young. A few birds, such as crows and owls, are already transitioning their young into the fledgling stage. Also floating above and around are butterflies, dragonflies (June is their month), and plenty of seeds from the region's trees.

Closer to the ground are critters aplenty. Spiders are beginning to spin webs, though most webs will be small – look for those to increase in size as summer progresses. The call of the grey tree frog will be prevalent this month, and the sounds of the mink frog and the green frog can be heard frequently through June and July.

Side note, Larry Weber can replicate the croak of a green frog with remarkable accuracy.

Keep your ears and eyes open for the boisterous display of early summer.

Luke Moravec is the host for Northland Morning on The North 103.3. He’s also a local actor, musician and writer. He loves puzzles, riddles and fun mysteries.