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Join us Thursday mornings at 8:20 for Minnesota Reads on Northland Morning, featuring Minnesota authors talking about their work. Funding provided in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

MN Reads: "Boxed Out" by Lisa M. Bolt Simons

Cover of "Boxed Out" by Lisa M. Bolt Simons; overhead illustration of two basketball players on a court preparing to rebound a ball
Margaret Amy Salter (illustration) and Rose Gowsell Pattison (design)

Most books are linear stories, providing the reader with singular, imaginative journeys carefully curated by the authors. In this sense, Boxed Out is not most books. The latest from author Lisa M. Bolt Simons offers middle grade readers the opportunity to make decisions as the plot unfolds.

Siblings Imani and Isiah have just moved from Arizona to rural Wisconsin, and each is trying to find a place on their respective basketball team. Every few pages, readers are met with a choice. Sometimes the choices are about practice regimens and other times the decisions boil down to ethical quandaries. Readers then turn to a specific page to continue their unique storyline.

Differing elements from Boxed Out and other choice-based books include the choice between two different protagonists, and a point system that accrues as virtuous decisions are made. "I think it's great, because kids are so interested in games," says the author. "You can read a book and have a game system in a book."

Lisa M. Bolt Simons will be visiting Duluth this Saturday, May 18th. You can meet the author and purchase Boxed Out from 11am-1pm at Zenith Bookstore. Boxed Out is available at most booksellers and online.

Minnesota Reads is produced at The North 103.3 with funding provided in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Luke Moravec is the host for Northland Morning on The North 103.3. He’s also a local actor, musician and writer. He loves puzzles, riddles and fun mysteries.
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