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Community Connection: Halloween Costume Mash-Ups with Alison Moffat

A costumed person holding a prison number board and wearing gray clothing and a black tutu, dramatic black and white make-up and a tiara
Alison Moffat
Can you guess the mash-up?

Imagine if Johnny Depp's character from the Pirates movies decided to start cutting down trees for a living. What would you get? Lumberjack Sparrow! And what if Clark Kent started chasing windmills? You'd get Superman of LaMancha!

Show up to a Halloween party at the Moffat’s and you just might see these characters. Mash-up costumes have been on Alison Moffat’s radar since 2012. “[I] can trace it back to a Facebook exchange,” says Moffat. "It started just with a question… Sirius Black Adder?” From there, some 700-800 comments accumulated. "We just had all of these hilarious ideas." Some ideas worked better than others... Kathryn Hepburning Man?

And the challenge goes beyond simple wordplay. “We have pretty strict instructions to our guests," says Moffat. First off, the mash-up idea should be something that translates well to a costume. Secondly, guests are instructed to not reveal the costume title. This leads to the third objective; guessing the costumes. “There's an element of getting it to click... and then that lightbulb moment when you figure out what it is is kind of the fun part for me."

Think you could identify a mash-up? How about the picture above? Any guesses? Hint: think Natalie Portman and Harry Potter.
And how about Garner below? Who knew baking and wrestling would go together like that!

A man in a yellow shirt holding a rolling pin
Alison Moffat
Garner Moffat as...?

And one more of Alison - no hints!
Good luck and Happy Halloween!

A woman with a rainbow dress and large black and white beehive hair
Alison Moffat

Luke Moravec is the host for Northland Morning on The North 103.3. He’s also a local actor, musician and writer. He loves puzzles, riddles and fun mysteries.
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