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Radio Gallery 12-11-2013: Cheryl Husby

Cheryl Husby joins Radio Gallery this week to discuss the Husby Pottery & Glass Holiday Sale 2013. The preview party will take place on Friday December 13th from 5:00pm. to 8:00pm. at Husby Pottery and Glass located at 424 S. 18th Ave. East Duluth, MN with guest artist Jim Sage.


12/11 Radio Gallery: Cheryl Husby

This week on Radio Gallery Cheryl Husby discusses her work in porcelain, and the focus on a functional and highly decorated design. The signature of Husby Pottery and Glass is a shake-from-the-bottom salt shaker, which they have done for the past 25 years. Husby describes the demonstration of this salt shaker as "a way to connect with people and talk to people"--in this way the salt shaker becomes a "smile machine." Husby expresses her joy in seeing individuals reactions and how this art can contribute to community building.


Salt/Pepper Shaker

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