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Radio Gallery 2-13-2013: Judy Breuer

On Monday, February 18th, from 3:30 to 5:30 the Arrowhead Alliance for Artists with Disabilities (AAWD) will be teaming up with an organization called Access for All as they open their annual AAWD Art show, which will be held in the Multicultural Center. This week on Radio Gallery we're contributing to awareness by talking with Judy Breuer, the peer adviser for Access for All.

By Maija Jenson and Cloey Walsh


Radio Gallery 2-13-2013: Judy Breuer

Produced by: Maija Jenson and Cloey Walsh

Access for All has been affiliated with AAWD for for the entire four years Breuer has been with them. Because Access for All's intention is to encourage awareness and acceptance of people with disabilities, this art show fits right in with their mission. Breuer has a visual impairment herself, and although she has noted that community acceptance of people with disabilities has come a long way, there is still a vast amount of room for improvement. This art show is a great way to strengthen the community of people with disabilities because it not only allows them to exhibit their work, but it also shows the rest of our area the beautiful artwork that these people have created. Listen as Breuer discusses how Access for All works to improve acceptance in the Northshore.

AAWD Art Show

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Produced by Maija Jenson & Cloey Walsh

Former Program Director, Maija Jenson teaches journalism in the Department of Communication at UMD and was a part of KUMD 2008-2019. She hosted a weekly arts program "Radio Gallery." She shares a lifetime of public radio listening, degrees in journalism and art and 20 years of public radio experience with KFAI, WHA, WSUM and KUMD.
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