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Here's where we find out which albums the DJs on The North 1033's student-run program Road Salt Radio are excited about each week!

Road Salt Radio Featured Album of the Week: 100 gecs-10,000 gecs

Album cover featuring a woman and a man standing in front of a landscape featuring a sunset sky and mountains with their shirts pulled up in front to cover their faces. The woman has two black stars on her torso and the man has two connected quarter notes on his chest.

It’s gec week at Road Salt Radio as 100 gecs’ new album is finally here! Coming four years after their first album, the duo’s sophomore release 10,000 gecs is catchy, absurd, and fun with its 2000s-rock-inspired sound as many of the songs feature loud guitars and booming drums. The new album has certainly been worth the wait for 100 gecs fans.

Much of the album is covered in nu metal and pop punk inspired guitars. Tracks like "Billie Knows Jamie" turn up the volume and theatrics to 11,as the groove of the bass and drums from the start of the track begin to disappear and by the end of the song it turns into a wall of feedback. To gec fans, this experimentation of what could be a Limp Bizkit song in an alternative universe is not surprising. Band members Dylan Brady and Laura Less have always played around with numerous genres of music and turn many of said genres on their heads.

This album is fun; while the gecs have dabbled in ska on their previous album with the song "Stupid Horse," the new release's track nine "I Got My Tooth Removed," dives deeper into the ska genre with it’s horn section and catchy chorus. Track four, "Frog on the Floor," also has ska-like guitars that are gratifying to listen to, not to mention the song is about a frog that does keg stands and tells “croaks” at the party (that frog is cool as hell).

While much of the album is a departure from their debut, songs like "757" and "mememe" feel like they would fit perfectly on 1000 gecs. Both tracks are heavy on electronic beats and go absolutely crazy. I was lucky enough to see them in concert at First Ave back in October of 2021 where these songs were unveiled. The whole crowd, including myself, loved the new tracks.

My favorite track on the album has got to be "The Most Wanted Person in the United States." While more chill compared to the rest of the album, this track still hits hard. The production is insane on this one; as the synth bass locks in with the drums, the gecs put in goofy sound effects, for lack of a better term. Despite that, the track makes you want to vibe along and listen to Brady and Les' storytelling of becoming the most wanted in the U.S.

10,000 gecs is amazing, event at only around 27 minutes, the gecs are able to create some of the most creative music to date in 2023. This album is great for current and new 100 gecs fans as its songs are pure ear candy. Tune in at 9:00pm this week to listen to tracks off the new 100 gecs album

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