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Here's where we find out which albums the DJs on The North 1033's student-run program Road Salt Radio are excited about each week!

Basement Featured Album of the Week: Bad Bad Hats

Bad Bad Hats
Bad Bad Hats
Bad Bad Hats

The album begins with the song “Walkman.” Its feel-good, indie pop rhythm is similar to their classic songs like “Psychic Reader.” The catchy pop chorus leaves you inevitably tapping your foot and wanting more; and you’re in luck with 9 more songs to go. It edges on some more rock sounds with “Detroit Basketball” and “Milky Way,” with some deep kicks of bass and edgy drums leading up to the chorus. More catchy choruses and bass lines with unique electronic repetitions in the background following some lines that catch your attention.

Kerry’s range shines through in songs like “Always on Time” with soft falsettos that she does so effortlessly every time. More electronic background lines shine through after the chorus and add the perfect touch. With such refined bass and light vocals, you cannot help but to imagine some warm upbeat scenes while listening to the album in full - and of course they displayed these themes in some hilarious new music videos.

“Priority” is the first song to a slower tempo, and develops deep bass lines and

Alexander’s soft vocals wrap every song in a calm and peaceful bow. Her unique annunciations fit so perfectly with the cynical lyrics. Haunting vocals play near the end of the song that inspire some dull, chimeric dream scenes. “Quarter Past” also features some more chill, staccato cadences and hopeful lyrics. “Year of the Crab” experiments with some more jazzy tones and xylophone lines, which gently send off the album.

Try this album if you like: Hippo Campus, Soccer Mommy, The Walters, The Black Keys

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